Welcome to Hooligan Designs! Here at Hooligan Designs our focus is on originality and quality. By working alongside a professional saddle maker, I've learned how to build tack while keeping function and durability in the forefront. Our products are original and built from top quality leather and hardware. I've been taught the proper building tack process, which enables these products to last a lifetime. In a time where there are several tack makers out there, its important to build and create a piece that will not only stand out in design, but also in construction. You'll find ALL our products properly lined, edged, and finished, leaving us a cut above.

Putting your horses comfort is also always a first priority. Most of our headstalls will have the bit ends OUT, instead of in. This is strictly personal choice, as I like to keep the comfort of the horse foremost, and don't like the tabs rubbing his face. Bit ends are typically built with strings, as we find conchos holding the bit on the headstall are a major safety factor.

Coming from a roping background, I like to build my tack knowing one could chase some cans, turn around and rope a few steers with the same tack. I spend alot of time making sure each and every piece is built to my own standards - if I wouldn't use it, I don't expect my customers to use it. I include a few steps in my constuction that others skip or miss. Its these steps that set me apart from the others.

I am taking custom orders again!! Please send me an email, or LIKE my page on Facebook, and send me a message with what you have in mind for a custom build. I'd be happy to build you something that will last forever! I am still taking award orders!

Please remember I only build tack like the items you see here. If you are looking for blingy tack or painted tack, you'll have to look somewhere else. If you see a piece of tack you'd like in a different color, or a different pattern, that definately can be done!

*** Gift Certificates also available!! ***

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